Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Christmas Fun

Hello one and all...

Unfortunately, I was unable to slip a post in before Christmas so "(Belated) Merry Christmas!" I do hope you all had a wonderful time celebrating this festive time of the year. Ate plenty and even more; drank enough that you sung to every Christmas song that played; watched all the movies that completed the day; opened your gifts like a big kid; and more importantly, enjoyed the company and presence of your loved ones & friends. I most certainly did =)  Here are just a couple of snaps of my Christmas weekend to share with you:

Hopefully you've all recovered nicely from your food comas and hangovers lol. Now it's time to prepare yourselves for the new and coming year. Resolutions anyone?!

Thanks for reading,
Ceejay x

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Kinda hooked

Bit of a diversion from my usual blog entries but I have an urge to write about my weird fascination with a little gift I so kindly received for my birthday.

At first glance, I was immediately enchanted with the cute butterflies and floral design but then I spent ages fiddling around, trying to figure out what exactly it was. Ha! That took quite a while.

After much confusion, I found out that it was a bag hook =) I realised how VERY useful this piece of accessory is to me. Restaurants especially. Let me tell you, I have a real big issue of not putting my handbag on the floor - it stays far from it; either on my chair or on my lap. Now, I no longer have to sit uncomfortably LOL.

So pretty, no space invader, just very convenient. 
Great stuff.... happy me!

Ps. It makes a cute Christmas gift

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Spectacular and 23!

Hey again, thanks for dropping by!

I am slightly backdated with my blog but as many of you would agree, there just seems to not be enough hours in the day to fit in the things we love doing. But I have an hour to spare and I've chosen to squeeze this entry in for you =)

25th October: The day before my sweet sister Kim's birthday (my boyfriend's sister to be precise), I'm an only child you see hehe. As a special treat for her 23rd birthday, I organised a family lunch at the Oxo Tower. Perked up on the eight floor surrounded by London's scenic views and alongside the Southbank of the River Thames seemed more than perfect for the occasion. The place is complete with a Restaurant, Brasserie and Bar but I went for the Brasserie for a more modern menu for us. There were a lot of exciting dishes to choose from which is always rather difficult. Nevertheless, each dish we were served with was delicious and beautifully presented.

As breathtaking as the views looked during the day, this place would look absolutely amazing at night and I hope one day to come back again to experience this. I most definitely had a lovely time; such lovely company too. I can only hope the birthday girl enjoyed herself.

We also surprised her with some gifts to complete the evening. Together with a huuuuuge bouquet of assorted flowers, we got her a personalised gold necklace with her music name "KYM". For those that don't know, she's a developing singer and songwriter with an EP in the making. 


SENSEFUL CREATIONS // Music to my ears

My handmade pink and gold mix card based around her music career with headphones and a microphone.

While your here, do check out her MySpace page for a couple of demos of her tracks she has been working on.

I will be back sooner than you think with a blog about my very own birthday last week. Till then, keep safe and enjoy the rest of the week. 
Toodles x

Friday, 21 October 2011

A Fine Autumn Lunch for Two

At the beginning of the month, I had a lunch date with the bestie at Gordan Ramsay's PETRUS. This day was far too exciting for us. Thought nothing much of it; just endless talks of maybe dining there one day. That came sooner than hoped for. I had a random temptation to book us in... and at the spare of the moment, I did! Strolling the backstreets of Knightsbridge in our pretty heels and fancy tops, we finally were at its doorstep.

On arrival, they kindly took our coats and led us to our seats; giving us a moment to embrace the luxurious restaurant and elegant settings. Now, let me tell you something, I'm a huge sucker for eating out... fine dining however, I accept as a special thrill. This sublime restaurant had a selection of, what I personally saw as an exquisite variety to eat & drink. However, my friend and I were absolutely clueless by what was on the menu. Confession - we had to end up asking. Oops! After translation, we ordered starters, mains and added a genuine touch with a sweet tasting glass of wine, to feel the part. 

Though it was a rather busy afternoon, the members of staff were still incredibly attentive and charming and our dishes were served in good time. Surprisingly, we were showered with little compliments to assist our meals which was a fabulous treat!

What we found extremely interesting was the final course. Dessert was like magic - presented with a spherical dome of chocolate; then the waiter poured over hot chocolate sauce on top which melted the dome to a marvelous ball of honeycomb and icecream.

Kindly presented with another take away surprise on our way out... cheekily saved for our other halves! It was most definitely a fine dining experience to remember. 

Thank you Ramsay, till next time x

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Touch of exotic fusion...

GILGAMESH; I walk pass it all the time, I hear terrific reviews about it all the time, I long to dine in it all the time... oh wait, I did! Finally, after almost four years, to be exact, I got the chance to experience this Pan- Asian showpiece of a restaurant. Another one of Camden's many gems that sits at the heart of Stables Market.

After a stressful day at work, I just couldn't wait to sit and enjoy the remainder of the evening with my other half. At the time, it was fairly empty; we were able sit wherever we wished, which is always a plus. Immediately, we were greeted by our lovely waitress with a much needed glass of wine (yay!) and as we were a tad too excited, we had already chosen our dishes in advanced; she was rather impressed. They were out within no time, one after the other. Delicious is an understatement. I wouldn't waste a minute if you haven't yet eaten here.

Here's a couple of snaps from our delightful evening:

Bon Appetit!


Bummer! I know I've neglected my blog for far too long. I've missed out on acquainting you, my readers, with the many different things I've been up to - I feel so awful. My followers, my friends... I'm down and dedicated to keep you posted on the perks of my entity. Stay close.
 Let's get blogging!

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Tea with my Newbie

Afternoon Tea with my Gemma
With a couple hours spare, I pulled the bestie away from her very busy motherly duties and took her out to her first afternoon tea experience. I found a small, quiet hotel restaurant just off Belgravia. Nowhere too concealed; although... my Gems somehow managed to get swallowed in by the streets of Victoria and get herself lost. Beyond shadow of doubt, she found her way! 

Distant from the daily stresses of life, we sat & enjoyed the moment. Served with unlimited tea, a selection of finger sandwiches, scones and enough sweet nibbles to keep us chit chatting away. A care-free, chic way to begin the week and with my favourite company =)

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

"A bit of stardust blown from the hands of God"

Saturday 2nd July was a very special day; my precious little wonderful, Alaya Chanel Apan (my best friend's baby) was finally baptised. The day was blessed with lovely, warm weather perfected to set the occasion. Babygirl made her presence into Our Lady of Lourdes Church with her beautiful Sarah Louise ivory silk robe with a laced overlay. It was a quick and pleasant ceremony surrounded with close friends and family. I was most delighted to attend this wonderful Christening day but even more gratified to have been given the honour to be one of the godparents.

The proud parents & godparents of Alaya Chanel

Gemma, Mark & Alaya
Alaya, Sean & I

The reception followed soon after at a nearby hall and as successful as most Filipino party usually are, there was food. Plenty of it! A buffet of Filipino cuisine & desserts; you were certainly spoilt for choice.

It was a great day for the little one indeed. Thank you Gem, Mark & Alaya for letting me be a part of it. I love you guys x

My precious God daughter, Alaya x
"May the Lord give His angel charge over you, to guide you in all your ways" 
-Psalm 91:11

Sunday, 3 July 2011


This post I dedicate to all those I know who took on their PGCE course 2010/11. After a full-on year of hard work, stress and commitment, it must be at your relief to finally say, 'its over'. Technically it isn't, as you still have an amazing journey ahead of you; a responsibility of a lifetime. As I've watched many of you through your course experience, all your hard work has definitely paid of - you're all going to make fantastic teachers. A special acknowledgement goes out to my other half, who to passed his course; I couldn't be more proud of you!

On celebrating their wonderful achievements, I pulled together a gathering at Grace Bar & Restaurant in Piccadilly. Brought by some old familiar faces which was a special touch to the occasion. We drank, we ate, we drank some more... it was a great evening indeed =) Again, well done and all the best throughout your teaching careers.

"Striving for success without hard work is like trying to harvest where you haven't planted." 
~ David Bly

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Father's Day Fun

Sunday 19th July: Ohhhh "Happy Days"... so much for a fatherly one though hehe. For a long time, I had plans ready for my old man for this time of the year. However, my Dad had an unforeseen duty to whisk my Mum and his sister away for the weekend, somewhere around England. Although, he wasn't with me, I still felt the need to celebrate, especially that I was so looking forward to it. My boyfriend & I went ahead with the plans and I'm so glad we did. Spent Sunday afternoon at the Refuel Restaurant at SoHo Hotel. I was recommended this place by a dear friend of mine, as she often dines there for tea. We, however, opted for the lunch menu, just because our tummies were in a deep pull for a packed out meal. Indecisive with the menu as the choices were all really enticing, it took us quite a while. 

Both dived into our salmon ceviche, spring onion, fennel in soy dressing for starters (Salmon has now become a huge favourite for us, too delicious). Followed by a fancy pork dish for Sean and chicken for me, both complete with roast potatoes & vegetables. Now, desserts were an experience in itself. For those sweet toothed people, their sticky toffee pudding was absolutely divine. But I have to give my credits to the Eton Mess that I had which hit every single taste bud possible.

The day did not end so quick as we had reservations for the private cinema at the hotel to watch Thor 3D. I know its a bit late but that is because we waited for this showing. It was fitted with leather seating complete with popcorn ready and waiting to enjoy the movie. I had the greatest time. Stuffed and very very happy. Thor was fantastic too!

Needless to say, my everdearest father still deserved a treat. He works so hard even though he's a retired man and his guidance & support is the source of my life; such a daddy's little girl. Treating him to a much needed spa day topped with a Senseful Creations card =)


Handmade card 'Shirt and Tie' inspired idea.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Half Term Antics

Ahhh... the peaks of working within school grounds and receiving regular breaks which I have now learned, are very necessary to keep staff members sane; just general time to recover. This half term, I decided to stay on English soil. Though I'd often rather ship off somewhere (who wouldn't?!) instead, I spent some good quality time with some great people. Solely worth it!

Here's a run down of a couple of things that this Little Miss got up to:
  • Dinner with my chicks at "Hi Sushi, Camden". Apparently, its a well-known restaurant according to my friends but I've obviously been missing out. Now, let me put out there that my boyfriend lives in Camden and I couldn't believe how deprived I was from this area. I must have mentioned it before on previous posts but I have a new found love for Camden. Yes... this experience at this restaurant was sensational. Platters full of favourite sushi rolls and hot nibbles were to die for BUT only made to the third round. Their company was a laugh and full of mischief. Closing our evening rambles with a glass of ice chilled baileys and 90210. Bliss!
  • There's always one friend out there... although you don't always talk or hardly see them, you never question their existence because you know they'll always be there. That's my Mimi - its been an extremely long time since I've seen this girl of mine. Despite that time and distance, on meeting & greeting, felt like I only saw her last week. We caught up over a number of drinks on the roof top terrace at "The Big Chill" in Kings Cross. Minutes turned into hours, life complaints turned into jokes. I love this chick toooooo much!
  • Fact: Favourite cuisine at the moment is Greek. Long running so far but tummy tingles for other cuisines can be easily persuaded. Sean & I were hungry after, so had a nice, fulfilling dinner of freshly prepared meats at "Karavas", a local Greek restaurant in Camden. Yum-meeeeee!
  • On fiddling around our busy schedules, a priority was to see the best friend. A night in, us couples, chinese take-out, general rif raf about whatever. Oh and playtime of course with my precious baby girl Alaya, who is growing up too fast.
  • Possible highlight of my weekend was the hen night of my friend, Dipika. More excitingly, my very first attendance at one. Yay! The evening was held at "Kenza Restaurant & Lounge" by Liverpool St. It was an astounding event; the venue itself was extremely alluring with its petal dropped staircases, Arabic decor together with flowers and floating candles. I don't wish to reveal too much about the evening but lets say it was very seductive! Belly dancers, snakes and truly amazing food; Moroccan and Lebanese authentic twist. Divine!

Although a week could never be enough, maybe not so productive either but I had a fantastic one. I cannot wait for the summer holidays. Now, that's a different story.

(I have a couple of photos I wish to include with this post but my hard drive is being a little difficult with me but do stay close)

Huge hello to those who have joined me, thank you for following <3 

Monday, 30 May 2011

British Luxury

Half term finally made its arrival and started with a bang! Friday was hardly much of a school day for me. It was the school's Patronal Festival (St. Philip Neri) and together with a Mass and Awards Ceremony, the school provided a fine dining experience for all the staff members. It was a lovely experience; lots of mingling, laughter & unlimited wine... where could anything go wrong?!

The following day, I had a pleasant start by having traditional afternoon tea with my half at 'The Montcalm' hotel, just off the top of Park Lane. The venue was absolutely refreshing, contemporary and luxurious. We started of with a glass of bubbly (more alcohol... can you believe?) but soon served with finger sandwiches, scones and a selection of pastries and sweet goodness. For the many hours of chit chat we did, the non-stop tea was just perfect and necessary.
We finished off our day watching the Hangover Part 2, which I found really awesome. Its solid comical set-ups were hilarious and left me in fits of laughter. In all honesty, I still favor the first one though. 
Well... looking forward to more fun this week. I will keep you updated my dear followers. Till then, take care and toodles xoxo

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Race for Life 2011

After two months worth of training, the day finally arrived: 21st May 2011. Doing 'Race for Life' for the second time. First experience was a thrill, this year round... I had the urge to run without stopping (pah... like the 5k wasn't hard enough lol). Unfortunately, the day before, I started coming down with flu-like symptoms which was a little upsetting. Nevertheless, I pulled myself together for this event; on a natural high from all the motivational messages from everyone - I was more than ready!

Blessed with a beautiful day, Regent's Park was heaving with participants, supporters and PINK (lots of it!) Like before, it was an amazing atmosphere; knowing that all the girls and women were there routing for the same reason, the same cause - to help beat cancer.

I did the run on my own this year and managed to complete it in 33 minutes. I was disturbed by an earlier headache so to my disappointment, I had to stop twice. I fought through till the finish line (the relief, I tell ya) but had the greatest time. Straight into the arms of my boyfriend who supported me the whole way through. I also wouldn't have been so successful without the support from my friends & family - you're always so amazing. For those who donated - you're wonderful and thank you. I've managed to raise my target AND beyond which is fantastic news and makes every muscle pain I'm paying for right now, absolutely worth it.

Whilst I recuperated, we celebrated and had a nice little picnic in the park, watching the others fall through to the finish line. Then, later that evening, I was treated with a lovely candle lit dinner by my love: rocket & salmon starter followed by a parma ham omelette with rice & seasoning. Delicious!

--RACE FOR LIFE 2011--
in memory of Estrella Daludado & Nilo Gasmin
May your souls continue to rest in peace. You're forever missed.  

 "Together we will beat cancer"

Monday, 16 May 2011

Breakfast with the Big Cats

What a fab way to start off the weekend - Friends & family, all gathered under one roof. Kitchen swamped with every filipino dish you savour for and side tables stocked with sweet-tasting desserts. It was a dream-like sight; a feast for all. Sadly enough, the boyfriend and I couldn't fully enjoy this glorious delight as we had reservations at the 'Mariott Cheshunt' later that evening [Of course, we still had a plate or two - it couldn't be resisted!]

On arrival at the hotel, we checked ourselves into a deluxe suite for the night then popped down for a nice evening meal at their restaurant. We were catered with: a pan fried fillet salmon served together with saute potatoes, chorizo and cherry tomatoes (for myself) & pan fried chicken with gravy, garlic mushrooms and fries for Sean. They were very refined meals which we truly enjoyed and even had the pleasure of meeting the Chef himself. We finished up with refreshing desserts of; a lemon tart and selection of icecreams. Spent the rest of the evening full up and restrained in bed, watching Eurovision. Well done, Azerbaijan! Good try UK! Hehe.

The following morning, our adventure began. Destination: the Paradise Wildlife Park. Its an animal conservation and education led zoo providing great experiences for all. After settling in with some tea and biscuits, we were brought up to a 'Tree Top Restaurant' where we were kindly served with some breakfast. The coolest thing of all was we were surrounded with stunning views of the tiger enclosure; one bathing on a pod by our window. It surely was a captivating way to start the morning with.

We toured the park, visiting a variety of big cats like snow leopards, cheetahs, lions and other weird ones. Got a chance to watch a health check demonstration of the tigers which I found really intimidating; didn't realise they were so huge in size. There were other animals around to keep us entertained. The red panda however, was and still is my favourite. Out of kindness and probably to shut me up, my boyfriend bought me a stuffed toy version (t'awh) that I've named Mao Mao =) It was an enjoyable experience and its always fun when you learn new things; it makes a day worth it.

My Red Panda <3
To round of our day, we ate at Nandos, which strangely enough, we haven't had a meal from since the beginning of Lent. Erm... i know! So, that was pretty much munched within minutes.

Well, I hope you all had a lovely weekend as well. I don't often say this... but thank you for taking the time to read my blog. And a huge thank you to those following. Keep smiling & enjoy the rest of your week =) Toodles x

Friday, 13 May 2011

My Midweek Remedy

I didn't think that going back to a full five-day week would be such a struggle, especially after having the half term holidays and the long royal wedding weekend (Gosh, I got to quit complaining sometimes). Anyways, as dramatic as that gets... I needed a midweek fix. So, Wednesday evening, I met up with my Uni friends to celebrate yet another big 2-5! The girls and I went to have dinner at "The Cuban" in Camden.

Once one is finished wasting some time at the stalls and looking at artifacts along the way, you stumble upon this great restaurant/bar embedded in the Stables Market. As busy as Camden usually gets, the restaurant was surprisingly empty. We got the second floor opened to us where it was relaxed, very casual but with a Cuban twist. Entertained with some salsa music hitting in the background; its a great chill out place. Even better, the place was serving 2-4-1 cocktails; exactly what every girl likes to hear. We ordered a whole load of tapas dishes; all were very appetizing indeed. Stuffed by the end of it. I had plenty of fun as I'm always up for a catch-up =D
The Birthday Girl
Tapas board for the meat eaters
Our usual birthday cuppies


  Lilac card fold, bordered with purple print paper. "D" to highlight the birthday girl's initial. Scattered with dragonflies as a final touch.
Happy Birthday Dipika!

Monday, 9 May 2011

Lazy Sunday

We stayed up till a ridiculous hour of the morning to watch the big fight between 'Pacman' Pacquiao vs. 'Sugar' Shane Mosely. I obviously napped beforehand because for those who did watch it, that was hell of a wait. It wasn't the greatest of fights that I've seen but still very proud. Well Done Manny on the win. Representin' Philippines. Anyways, this allowed us a nice long Sunday lie in. Perfect!!!

Cocktail in the lounge
Out on the deck
To extend this relaxing ambiance throughout our day, we diverted ourselves out of bed and indulged in a 'Lazy Sunday' dinner at "The Yacht" that sits upon the Temple Pier. I've seen this place a million times but never thought much of it. I must say though, riverside restaurants are always a treat; this one in particular was impressive.

On arrival, we grabbed a drink at the bar and sat in the comfy lounge; soaking up the spectacular views of London as it sits opposite the London Eye and other sights. We then moved into the dining area where dinner commenced. There were many choices; mostly traditional British carvery. Mmmm...

For starters, Sean had himself a vegetable soup and I went for the warm brioche with chicken liver pate and salad. Followed by traditional beef slices together with Yorkshire pudding and a selection of peas, parsnips, cabbage, carrots, potato wedges & mash. for our mains. Mouth watering much?! For dessert, Sean had pistachio ice cream which was very tasty indeed and I had a strawberry cheesecake which was to die for.

Its a bit rocky I must warn you... not so great if you get sea sick BUT it was definitely a lovely experience. The warm & calm decor really sets a romantic setting for those couples but it  also exudes a relaxing delight for family dinners too.

Bon Appetit Sailor x

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Merry Merry Month of May =D

I cannot believe it is May already! I have only just got used writing April in the kid's school books and now its a totally different month (yes, I know its only three letters... but still!) Anyways, to welcome this beautiful month... I got to celebrate two of my top girls' birthdays. Yay!

Before the partying began, Sean & I thought wise to top our tummies up with some gooooood Japanese cuisine. I was extremely craving for a bento box. Camden at the time was heaving with people because of the 'Camden Crawl' but little me managed to dodge and delve through and found a small place to eat. "Bento Cafe" (Click for website) was a surprise... amidst the hustle and bustle, this restaurant is a gem. Our dishes were delicious; many bits were very new to me. Inexpensive and very enjoyable. The staff were ever so friendly too.

Then... I stuck my dancing shoes on, off to Yate's and partied the night away with my chicka, Rachelle. Very good night; one I don't particularly remember but stories the following morning are always fun. And the photos, well... thats just evidence lol.

The other birthday girl, Sarah Jane was soaking up sun in Palma at the time but on her return, we went out for din dins at La Tasca. Went a bit wild with our choices from the menu =) Mmmmm tapas. Totally stuffed our faces but made room for dessert (DUH!) and some hot chocolate too. It was a pleasant evening indeed.

SENSEFUL CREATIONS // Hello, Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty cut out, handmade especially for Rachelle x


My handmade hummingbird special for Sarah Jane x