Wednesday, 27 October 2010

"Big lights will inspire you... Let's hear it for New York"

Last month, a good friend of mine celebrated her 25th birthday with a fancy dress party. Weeks of deciding, I just couldn't figure out what to go as. To share with you a little secret, I came across these beautiful mint green high heeled shoes one day and needed a legitimate excuse to make that purchase. So, there's the obvious, 'Statue of Liberty' just had to be my costume. 

As shown in the picture, my whole costume was handmade:

  • The Gown - a plain mint green double sized bedsheet (topped with a waistbelt to hold the sides together).
  • Torch - mint green cardboard and yellow tissue paper for the flame.
  • Crown - a simple headband with the spokes made from cardboard.
  • The Book (which I didn't have) - can simply be covered with cardboard also.
So there we go, a straightforward 'Statue of Liberty' outfit fit for a great fancy dress night out. Won me first runner up too *thumbs up*