Saturday, 12 November 2011

Kinda hooked

Bit of a diversion from my usual blog entries but I have an urge to write about my weird fascination with a little gift I so kindly received for my birthday.

At first glance, I was immediately enchanted with the cute butterflies and floral design but then I spent ages fiddling around, trying to figure out what exactly it was. Ha! That took quite a while.

After much confusion, I found out that it was a bag hook =) I realised how VERY useful this piece of accessory is to me. Restaurants especially. Let me tell you, I have a real big issue of not putting my handbag on the floor - it stays far from it; either on my chair or on my lap. Now, I no longer have to sit uncomfortably LOL.

So pretty, no space invader, just very convenient. 
Great stuff.... happy me!

Ps. It makes a cute Christmas gift

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Spectacular and 23!

Hey again, thanks for dropping by!

I am slightly backdated with my blog but as many of you would agree, there just seems to not be enough hours in the day to fit in the things we love doing. But I have an hour to spare and I've chosen to squeeze this entry in for you =)

25th October: The day before my sweet sister Kim's birthday (my boyfriend's sister to be precise), I'm an only child you see hehe. As a special treat for her 23rd birthday, I organised a family lunch at the Oxo Tower. Perked up on the eight floor surrounded by London's scenic views and alongside the Southbank of the River Thames seemed more than perfect for the occasion. The place is complete with a Restaurant, Brasserie and Bar but I went for the Brasserie for a more modern menu for us. There were a lot of exciting dishes to choose from which is always rather difficult. Nevertheless, each dish we were served with was delicious and beautifully presented.

As breathtaking as the views looked during the day, this place would look absolutely amazing at night and I hope one day to come back again to experience this. I most definitely had a lovely time; such lovely company too. I can only hope the birthday girl enjoyed herself.

We also surprised her with some gifts to complete the evening. Together with a huuuuuge bouquet of assorted flowers, we got her a personalised gold necklace with her music name "KYM". For those that don't know, she's a developing singer and songwriter with an EP in the making. 


SENSEFUL CREATIONS // Music to my ears

My handmade pink and gold mix card based around her music career with headphones and a microphone.

While your here, do check out her MySpace page for a couple of demos of her tracks she has been working on.

I will be back sooner than you think with a blog about my very own birthday last week. Till then, keep safe and enjoy the rest of the week. 
Toodles x