Sunday, 30 January 2011

Taught to Pass-on-tivity

Someone once told me that 'how you feel will affect what happens & what you do today will affect your tomorrow,' and on the basis of that, I attempt to take each and every day into the palms of my hands and inject any possible form of positive attitude that I have. Sometimes it helps, other days it doesn't but it has brought together so many more better and brighter days for me; that I often find myself smiling about my life than ever before. 

One day this week, I delve a little deeper into a sweet and ordinary conversation with a work colleague; sharing with her my insights and ideals for now and my near future. But as the tables turned round, I saw a fragile gaze, which to me seemed like withdrawal and I wondered for a minute that she too wanted to seek for something bigger and beautiful in her life. This friend, though I've only known for a short period of time, has admirable passion for art and design. Her work and her projects are so truly amazing; it would be unfortunate to let such a great talent go to waste. So, I couldn't help but push her pass her fears of independence and to take on that 'something' that I believe she most definitely will enjoy. Its a joy to positively influence someone but an even greater feeling to hear that because of that influence, one will go ahead to reach out for their goals. On top of that, she accompanied me to a belly dance class and we had a fantastic time.

Getting through any of my ventures would not have been attainable without the help and reinforcement of a dear friend, who's words of encouragement never ceased to fail me. In honour of that, I ask kindly, to please take a moment to check out his blog: James Retrato

But for now my precious ones... despite any judgments out there, the truth of the matter is, if there is commitment - there is always a way. Continue staying true to yourself & smileeeeeeeeee =)

Also, here's a link to my friend's webpage, sharing her great work & creativity. Check it out: Aasha John

Saturday, 22 January 2011

"Lifes just a big party"

Last night, my boyfriend and I took an evening stroll down the Southbank. London City was clear skied, slightly quiet for a Friday night, extremely cold but wonderful. Ended our day at Southbank Big Top to watch the well-known 'La Soiree' (a belated birthday present I had under my sleeve)...

We walked into an unpretentious circus- like venue; tiny circular stage in the centre surrounded by bustling crowds. Hadn't the slightest clue what to expect. Although I had arranged this, I didn't research much into it but trusted the words written in the papers. So, expectations were apprehensive. I don't wish to reveal too much but the show featured a variety of 'twisted cabaret' acts from comedic to horrifically amusing stunts. Others were a nice little treat for us ladies... Mmmm.

The atmosphere was great. A very awe-inspiring experience; constantly captivated. The show is only running till the 27th February, so grab some tickets if you haven't already. I highly recommend it!

Me & my Mr. D

Shimmied out

I am absolutely shattered but its been totally worth it this week... the joy!

Hmm... Salsa. I was not on my own this week. My dad accompanied me =) It has made my dance experience a lot more fun and comfortable. However, my dad has always been a long-term ballroom dancer, so he totally stole my credit lol. Although I did not learn anything particularly new, running over the steps & turns has helped drill it into my system. Its running so well, I've even been given the opportunity to move to the next level at a good price in the next couple of weeks.

HIGHLIGHT of my week
Anita Makwana
Activity done on impulse... I attended my first belly dance class. Yeh, you saw right hehe. A good friend of mine held her first class this week. I am so pleased that I attended because I had a blast! Back to basics, she introduced a couple of moves; fundamental but challenging. Even just the warm up session tired me out. There was constant emphasis on posture and isolation of different body parts... oh, and bent knees too. The routine was plenty of fun and learning how to shoulder shimmy... well, lets say, 'practice makes perfect!'

COME JOIN this exclusive experience with Anita:

Held at two venues, Mondays 6.30-7.30 (launching from 31st January) at Southall Sports Centre and Thursdays 7.30-8.30 at Dance Attic Studios.

Check out this link for more information -

"Once we believe in ourselves... we can risk curiousity, wonder, spontaneous delight or any experience that reveals our human spirit"

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Life in focus

It's two weeks into January and so far everything has been much brighter (London, please stop raining already lol). Being back at work and trying to settle back into routine after almost three weeks of holiday hasn't been that easy but hey, what can you do?

Despite work and the occasional urgency for pay day to arrive (February, if you're reading this, come sooner).... I feel everything is running smoothly so far.

Had another salsa class this week; it was awesome. I shared what I had learnt from my previous lesson to my dad and now he wants to come along. Went in this alone, so havin company is a bonus.

After careful consideration of monthly finances, me and the boyfriend have made the decision to spend our summer in Philippines. Its been six years almost since my last visit, so I am very excited to make this happen and to see all my family again.

Thats all for now. Life's great!  

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

A snake deserves no pity but this one is pretty.

Rings as an accessory has never been a big collection in my jewellery box. With my petite hands, finding sizes to fit my fingers has always been a difficult task BUT... it so happened that I 'luckily' found one to fit me just perfectly. Hooray for CeeJay =)

I absolutely LOVE it. My stone studded snake wrap ring with a pearl ball (gold base) from Miss Selfridge. Great purchase for sure!

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Now, that's sensuous for ya!

I took a leap into taking on something fun and exciting, something new this year! I ceased my inhibitions; went ahead and booked myself a couple of Salsa dance classes. Personally, I never really saw ME as a dancer-type. I mean, I did all those Filipino cultural dances, participated in cotillions including my own and did some 'modern' performances - but it never truly settled in me. 

Also, one of my goals for 2011 was to work on my fitness. I've tried numerous times going to the gym but I seem to never stick to my training program provided. Fail! So, doing this again would just be a waste of time. However, I'm hoping this dance workshop will be a hidden motive for me =)

I had my first class this evening. I was a bit nervous as it was just me but I arrived at this little intimate venue in London Bridge - soon, before I knew it, my muscles loosened and my hips were on a roll. It was such a fun and friendly atmosphere, met some really nice people interspersed with the dancing. Learned the basic salsa steps together with bewildering turns... then stepped it up with partner work. Wah!

Its been another highlight to my day but one I am hoping to persevere with. In saying that, I will keep you updated on this new experience of mine. Ciao for now x


So, today I had a date with Austin Reed teehee. Okay, let me rephrase that.. I had a date at Austin Reed =) For a birthday gift, I was given a Spa Day voucher to the O Spa, Austin Reed.

After much thought, I decided to book this special treat for today and IT WAS FANTASTIC! I'm in such a great mood. Consultation at the beginning became a social chat about the holidays and SALE shopping, the staff there were really nice. My masseuse... well she was just lovely (wish I remembered her name though.) Got the whole works done from head to toe - music and atmosphere was so tranquil; it set the mood in an instant. Coming in from the busy scenes of London City, everything in that time just seemed to pause.

After this pampering experience, I am so wonderfully relaxed and what better than to be stress-free & refreshed for the start of the year! Bliss.

Thank you Austin x