Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Father's Day Fun

Sunday 19th July: Ohhhh "Happy Days"... so much for a fatherly one though hehe. For a long time, I had plans ready for my old man for this time of the year. However, my Dad had an unforeseen duty to whisk my Mum and his sister away for the weekend, somewhere around England. Although, he wasn't with me, I still felt the need to celebrate, especially that I was so looking forward to it. My boyfriend & I went ahead with the plans and I'm so glad we did. Spent Sunday afternoon at the Refuel Restaurant at SoHo Hotel. I was recommended this place by a dear friend of mine, as she often dines there for tea. We, however, opted for the lunch menu, just because our tummies were in a deep pull for a packed out meal. Indecisive with the menu as the choices were all really enticing, it took us quite a while. 

Both dived into our salmon ceviche, spring onion, fennel in soy dressing for starters (Salmon has now become a huge favourite for us, too delicious). Followed by a fancy pork dish for Sean and chicken for me, both complete with roast potatoes & vegetables. Now, desserts were an experience in itself. For those sweet toothed people, their sticky toffee pudding was absolutely divine. But I have to give my credits to the Eton Mess that I had which hit every single taste bud possible.

The day did not end so quick as we had reservations for the private cinema at the hotel to watch Thor 3D. I know its a bit late but that is because we waited for this showing. It was fitted with leather seating complete with popcorn ready and waiting to enjoy the movie. I had the greatest time. Stuffed and very very happy. Thor was fantastic too!

Needless to say, my everdearest father still deserved a treat. He works so hard even though he's a retired man and his guidance & support is the source of my life; such a daddy's little girl. Treating him to a much needed spa day topped with a Senseful Creations card =)


Handmade card 'Shirt and Tie' inspired idea.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Half Term Antics

Ahhh... the peaks of working within school grounds and receiving regular breaks which I have now learned, are very necessary to keep staff members sane; just general time to recover. This half term, I decided to stay on English soil. Though I'd often rather ship off somewhere (who wouldn't?!) instead, I spent some good quality time with some great people. Solely worth it!

Here's a run down of a couple of things that this Little Miss got up to:
  • Dinner with my chicks at "Hi Sushi, Camden". Apparently, its a well-known restaurant according to my friends but I've obviously been missing out. Now, let me put out there that my boyfriend lives in Camden and I couldn't believe how deprived I was from this area. I must have mentioned it before on previous posts but I have a new found love for Camden. Yes... this experience at this restaurant was sensational. Platters full of favourite sushi rolls and hot nibbles were to die for BUT only made to the third round. Their company was a laugh and full of mischief. Closing our evening rambles with a glass of ice chilled baileys and 90210. Bliss!
  • There's always one friend out there... although you don't always talk or hardly see them, you never question their existence because you know they'll always be there. That's my Mimi - its been an extremely long time since I've seen this girl of mine. Despite that time and distance, on meeting & greeting, felt like I only saw her last week. We caught up over a number of drinks on the roof top terrace at "The Big Chill" in Kings Cross. Minutes turned into hours, life complaints turned into jokes. I love this chick toooooo much!
  • Fact: Favourite cuisine at the moment is Greek. Long running so far but tummy tingles for other cuisines can be easily persuaded. Sean & I were hungry after, so had a nice, fulfilling dinner of freshly prepared meats at "Karavas", a local Greek restaurant in Camden. Yum-meeeeee!
  • On fiddling around our busy schedules, a priority was to see the best friend. A night in, us couples, chinese take-out, general rif raf about whatever. Oh and playtime of course with my precious baby girl Alaya, who is growing up too fast.
  • Possible highlight of my weekend was the hen night of my friend, Dipika. More excitingly, my very first attendance at one. Yay! The evening was held at "Kenza Restaurant & Lounge" by Liverpool St. It was an astounding event; the venue itself was extremely alluring with its petal dropped staircases, Arabic decor together with flowers and floating candles. I don't wish to reveal too much about the evening but lets say it was very seductive! Belly dancers, snakes and truly amazing food; Moroccan and Lebanese authentic twist. Divine!

Although a week could never be enough, maybe not so productive either but I had a fantastic one. I cannot wait for the summer holidays. Now, that's a different story.

(I have a couple of photos I wish to include with this post but my hard drive is being a little difficult with me but do stay close)

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