Thursday, 30 December 2010

2010 Reflection

The New Year is nearing and I've taken enough time out to reflect on this year's journey. In all honesty, its hasn't been the greatest ride but all hardships aside, its made me stronger and all the more determined to make a few adjustments to the way things will be dealt with. There have been amazing moments that I've particularly loved and enjoyed.

Los Angeles
Bulgaria with the boyfriend
Algarve, Portugal with my girls

Snowboarding in California
Now, we always talk about making New Year resolutions but does one ever abide to them?! Maybe a couple of weeks... or a month or two to stretch. The fact is, 'resolutions are often broken, usually abandoned.' I never was quite a big believer in that. So instead, I diverted away from the idea of resolutions and have decided to focus more on personal development and happiness.
Getting to watch a LAKERS game =)

For 2011, I've set myself some GOALS... based simply on things I've been longing to pursue but for some odd reason, I avoided. I've endured much discouragement but I'm ready to relish any opportunities thrown at me. 

Algarve, Portugal
Everyone has their dreams; their wishes to achieve something amazing. That I solely believe. But like Gandhi quotes:
"We must become the change we want to see"
In that I say; be confident and set yourself some goals. Reasonable ones of course - you're aware of your own ability but its best to be specific. There's plenty of time to walk with them, to focus and apply what is necessary to achieve them. Whatever they may be - grasp it! The one ideal circumstance I've learnt is to NOT to get disheartened if things don't work out. Keep at it and BELIEVE!

My most overwhelming achievement of the year: Race for Life
 Happy New Year & I wish you wisdom to choose priorities for things that really matter.


Wednesday, 29 December 2010

God Bless everyone =)

Villa & Daludado family on Christmas Day, 2010
So I've finally recovered from a fun filled Christmas and I sure do hope you all had an amazing one too. 

Despite Christmas and its commercial festivities, the miracle of it all is that for this one occasion, it fills our hearts with so much warmth and love and brings together friends and families. Those special moments of fellowship are what we should truly appreciate.

Now... we prepare ourselves to welcome the New Year ahead and the blessings embedded within it. 

Have a fantastic one all & best wishes x