Sunday, 27 February 2011

Prehistoric Marvel

It's half term at the moment (ahhh a week off from work; general recovery much awaited indeed). I didn't have very much planned for the week but I did intend to have one big adventure out somewhere. One place I have been longing to see is:

So, Thursday morning, we woke up super early, packed us some snacks, or let me rephrase that, 'junk', topped the car up full tank and set off on road "Road trip!" It wasn't the most pleasant of drives in the beginning; somewhat managed to get caught in traffic and to annoy us more, our Sat Nav decided to die on us. But we chose to ignore these inconveniences and made anything and everything fun =P Hours of driving and even longer on the never ending A303 in sight of trees and fields, ha and sheep too. But in the midst of all that, there is was before our eyes, Stonehenge.

I know this long-standing attraction just seems like a bunch of rocks plotted in the middle of nowhere but for a very long time now, I've always been curious of its existence. So that day, I got to experience that. Despite the restrictions, it was close enough for me; examining it from all sides and angles. The abundance of its time and chronology was so detailed for me to take in but having it within your vision, somehow empowers you with its history; opening the mysteries of ingenuity revolving around this very one monument.

Although we were there for a short time only, we had a great (educational) time there. If you are fond of history and anything touristic - it is definitely an impressive construction to visit in Britain... a 'living part of the landscape of Wiltshire' i say.

Part II of my adventure, soon to come. Stay tuned x

Monday, 21 February 2011

Tea for two please...

A couple of friends of mine, Miss Valencia & Miss C. Reyes, as wonderful as they are, lured me to a great little place that fulfilled my sweet-tooth cravings I so regularly have.
"Bea's of Bloomsbury"
There are two branches around: one based in Bloomsbury and the other by St. Paul's. I had my first 'afternoon tea' experience at the St. Paul's one which is situated in the One New Change Shopping Centre. A couple minutes walk from the station and you arrive at this glassed venue; nothing out off the ordinary. Nevertheless, outlooks and expectations are lifted by the friendly staff around. The atmosphere seemed very much different from any other bakeries I have seen; great interior, floral chairs and wallpaper, even teapot-shaped lamp shades. The ambience was very fun and cheerful.

So, my boyfriend and I received a pot of tea of our choice (Earl Grey was mine - one of my many favourites); probably enough to pour out three cups full. Complimented together with a three tier plate tower filled with a selection of delicious treats. We got savoury baguettes, cupcakes, mini Valrhona brownies, mini Belgian Blondies, and marshmallows with coconut shavings.... plus, what I personally felt was their 'secret gem' - the scone (with clotted cream & jam). It was extremely delicious and it most certainly filled our appetites for the day.

Bea's is such a perfect little place especially to bring your friends, loved ones or perhaps somewhere when you need 'your own time'. Needless to say, we most definitely enjoyed ourselves. Thank you Hun for treating me there. One will return very soon - i'm already a fan =)

For more information or bookings, click below to visit their website 
 Ta-rah for now!

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Bundle of joy


A best friend of mine gave birth almost three weeks ago to a beautiful baby girl. During her pregnancy, I spent a long time working on something special in time for the new arrival.

Here, I made a baby bouquet complete with a baby grow, a body suit, mitts, bibs and a hat; rolled into little buds and roses, wrapped together in a fleeced blanket (which I so wanted to keep for my own comfort). Beige and cream coloured theme as the baby's sex was a surprise.

And here she is...
Welcome to the world ALAYA CHANEL APAN

A deep sense of awe came upon me when I received the delightful news; awaken by a great appreciation of new life. I thank God that my friend got through alright and that she forever remembers that I am so very proud of her.

Mummy Lay & I
 Warmest wishes and best of luck with your new family Gemma & Mark. 
I love you three dearly x

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Love is in the air

Valentine's Day... Commercialised? Many of you would agree. Solely overrated. I would be lying to myself if I said I didn't think so, even just the slightest. But in all honesty, the day is all about L.O.V.E (Good on ya, St. Valentine); though I still feel that should not be the case as one should express their adoration to their loved ones regularly and not use this occasion as a means to do that.

Nevertheless, I think its sweet. Hopeless romantic (I raise my hand)... finding myself melt as I watch the gents with bunches of flowers or huge Clinton bags ready to give their partner or listening to my friends speak of their Valentine's experience the following day. The effort and the passion you see is such a beautiful thing. 

I had my share of a wonderful evening with my other half too. Very little but the right amount of perfect. Booked a spot at a restaurant, Grace Bar; a nice bar/ restaurant just off Shaftesbury Avenue. I've been there before with my girls a couple of Christmases ago and enjoyed it there, so I thought the place was suitable for the occasion. We had a 3 course meal, all mouth-watering dishes and quenched our thirst with a bottle of white. Talked, laughed and drank the night away - it was special. I then came home in time to spend the rest of the evening with my parents and my Auntie, which completed my day.


My Valentine's card for my boyfriend. 
I've started making my own handmade cards under Senseful Creations; this is one of many that I've made this year.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Totally worth it!

My Auntie from the Philippines arrived early this week (its been many many years since I've seen her). Arranged meetings and endless paper work finally got her here in London town safe and sound. Laughter as her first words on meeting her were "Its cold!"
So, for my Papa's birthday gift, my Mum and & I purchased some tickets to Cirque du Soleil - Totem which, for weeks I have been looking forward to seeing. Big fan! But on receiving news of my Auntie's arrival; a predicament arose. One that recited itself over and over again in my head. Mediating which action was best to take and that would make me feel better in the end: an act of kindness (letting my Auntie have my place) or an act of selfishness (bitter move but for something one has been longing to experience & enjoy)? Examining their outcomes, yet still utterly confused. After a couple of days, I was enlightened by a different track of thought... like the words from the classic utilitarians, Bentham & Mill: what action would provide "the greatest happiness for the greatest number." Answers were much more obvious to me with this in mind and that was settled! 

So on Friday, my parents and my Auntie enjoyed their evening at the Royal Albert Hall watching the fabulous production by Cirque du Soleil and had a great time. On hearing that, made me too... a happy girl; making my decision worth while.

I made up for it anyway - spent the night in with my other half. Cooked a nice meal, then snuggled up and watched a movie. Quality time is always appreciated =)

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Ceejay does Race for Life

Sometime last year, I sat down with my 2011 list, just a piece of paper covered with goals and random inspirational quotes. Some straightforward, others were somewhat new. But a particular one, I stared at and contemplated over for a pretty long time. "Race for Life" it said... my mind tossed with conflictions, 'Oh, I've done it already!' 'Why not a different charity?' 'Ugh! What if it rains?' Non-stop. However, it took only one thought to change a big decision. Once I began reminiscing of the time I did this fund-raising event last year, all my questions flushed away. My previous experience of doing Race for Life was extremely fulfilling - a true highlight of my year indeed. I got such wonderful support from my friends and family plus I knew every pound I raised was going towards a fantastic cause. I needed not hesitated and signed up once again.

So, please help and sponsor me for this coming Saturday as I will be running 5k at Regent's Park. Your donations made towards Cancer Research UK and aligned charities, will aid their work in preventing, diagnosing and treating people with cancer.

Thank you x

Just a click of a button =)