Friday, 21 October 2011

A Fine Autumn Lunch for Two

At the beginning of the month, I had a lunch date with the bestie at Gordan Ramsay's PETRUS. This day was far too exciting for us. Thought nothing much of it; just endless talks of maybe dining there one day. That came sooner than hoped for. I had a random temptation to book us in... and at the spare of the moment, I did! Strolling the backstreets of Knightsbridge in our pretty heels and fancy tops, we finally were at its doorstep.

On arrival, they kindly took our coats and led us to our seats; giving us a moment to embrace the luxurious restaurant and elegant settings. Now, let me tell you something, I'm a huge sucker for eating out... fine dining however, I accept as a special thrill. This sublime restaurant had a selection of, what I personally saw as an exquisite variety to eat & drink. However, my friend and I were absolutely clueless by what was on the menu. Confession - we had to end up asking. Oops! After translation, we ordered starters, mains and added a genuine touch with a sweet tasting glass of wine, to feel the part. 

Though it was a rather busy afternoon, the members of staff were still incredibly attentive and charming and our dishes were served in good time. Surprisingly, we were showered with little compliments to assist our meals which was a fabulous treat!

What we found extremely interesting was the final course. Dessert was like magic - presented with a spherical dome of chocolate; then the waiter poured over hot chocolate sauce on top which melted the dome to a marvelous ball of honeycomb and icecream.

Kindly presented with another take away surprise on our way out... cheekily saved for our other halves! It was most definitely a fine dining experience to remember. 

Thank you Ramsay, till next time x

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  1. Looks like u guys had a great time!! Food overload when I went.. the food kept coming and coming! So overwhelming! x