Saturday, 12 November 2011

Kinda hooked

Bit of a diversion from my usual blog entries but I have an urge to write about my weird fascination with a little gift I so kindly received for my birthday.

At first glance, I was immediately enchanted with the cute butterflies and floral design but then I spent ages fiddling around, trying to figure out what exactly it was. Ha! That took quite a while.

After much confusion, I found out that it was a bag hook =) I realised how VERY useful this piece of accessory is to me. Restaurants especially. Let me tell you, I have a real big issue of not putting my handbag on the floor - it stays far from it; either on my chair or on my lap. Now, I no longer have to sit uncomfortably LOL.

So pretty, no space invader, just very convenient. 
Great stuff.... happy me!

Ps. It makes a cute Christmas gift

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