Sunday, 27 March 2011

60 and Beautiful

For months upon end, my family and I had been planning on a big day for my mother dearest. As Filipinos do, marking a momentous stage in their life, whether its 18, 21 or 60 - we make it big, themed & cultural.

Mum in her welcoming dress
It was pretty hard work; sleepless nights from stress, countless thoughts and never- ending to-do lists. But by the end of it... it was totally worth it. My Mama deserved every second. She has done so much for our family and like anyone else would say... I couldn't count on any other woman but her. She is a wonderful blessing of mine - the Queen of my heart.

My Mum on her special day!
The presence of her Candles & Roses; Mama's closest of friends/ family. What made it even more extraordinary was having family fly half way across the world (from Colorado Springs and the Philippines) to attend this occasion. The food was great; lots of Filipino dishes (though I had to ignore many of the chicken dishes... sad times); courtesy of Mama's work colleague, we had Indian dishes too, yum! Good friends of mine also took the time to bake hundreds, and I mean hundreds of delicious cupcakes for the party: Thank you Bernie, for the generous gesture and also to Joyce & Roy for your kindness, efforts and wonderful presentation of the cakes. Please do check out my friend's website with the link below for more information and orders

My boyfriend and I had even prepared a 'one off' duet performance of 'Always' - Atlantic Starr, as a special request from the celebrant. Hehe, nerve wrecking but all for fun.

It was a fantastic evening! The sound of fun and laughter are always a good sign. People dancing away with no hesitations. My feet were killing me but I didn't care =) There's a handful of people whose efforts, help & participation that mean a huge deal to us all and we wouldn't have pulled off such an amazing celebration without you guys. From myself and the rest of my family: We are forever grateful.

My family & I
 SENSEFUL CREATIONS // Birthday card
Handmade birthday card that I made for her 60th birthday. A fan design, accommodating separated messages from my family and I.

Till the next occasion (hehe)... Toodles x


  1. Wow, what an amazing birthday! You're mum looks so beautiful and so do you! Those cup cakes look so yummy too x

  2. Thank you so much hun. Yeh, it was a great & memorable evening, especially for my Mum x

  3. U did a great thing for standing up there with your man and did a duet! You look really nice here hun :) x