Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Girls just wanna have fun...

I have a group of friends, I so luckily met just over six years ago at Kingston University. Every time there is an occasion to meet up, its always something I really look forward to. We often enjoy eating out; accustomed to a very 'Sex in the City' kinda thing really =)

This time last week, we had arranged to celebrate my friend, Sarah's 25th at Masala Zone in Covent Garden. I've always heard great reviews about this place so that made it all the more exciting. En route to the restaurant, the aroma instantly hits you - you know you're near! Entering through,  I am immediately impressed with the decor; many Indian puppets hovering above you. Sounds a little freaky, but it brought life a different eating experience for us. The staff were very friendly which made it a lot more comfortable and the service was great.

Masala Zone - Indian puppet
There was so much to choose from the menu, I hadn't a clue. However, I was recommended by a couple of friends to try the 'thalis', so I gave that a go. It apparently accounts for two courses: a canapé, papadum and chutney, a choice of curry (I choose lamb), two vegetables (one green and one root), dal (lentil), raita (yoghurt), salad, freshly-made whole wheat chapati & rice. When it arrived, I was a little dumbfounded with all the different foods but I dug into everything and I absolutely loved it. I think I smiled through the whole thing lol.

Masala Zone -Thali
We obviously ended the evening with our usual 'surprise' birthday cake (which, by now I think all of us know its inevitable and still act surprised haha). Although she expected that, she wasn't expecting our other surprise gift we had under our sleeves.

Sarah and her 'surprise' cupcakes
It was a wonderful evening. Dinner was delicious. Got a lot of catching up done... and had a good laugh. Not far till the next date ladies.

My crazy psychologists =)
SENSEFUL CREATIONS // Birthday Butterfly
Handmade open butterfly cut with purple embellishments. Matching insert for my personal message inside.
  Happy Birthday Miss Ma!


  1. My friend has one of these indian puppets in her room (she brought it back from India). Looks like a lot of fun! I've never had Indian food before, maybe I should try it once.
    Oh and btw, I love your home made cards!! So very thoughtful, it shows a lot more emotion than one bought at a store.

  2. Bibi, you have to try Indian food, definitely. Its delicious =) Thank you also for your comment, I'm just experimenting with card designs for now... a fun hobby to do on weekends sometimes x