Monday, 4 April 2011

Weekend Ramblings

The first weekend of the month of April was most certainly a busy one but definitely a fun one =)

Back in high school, I had a couple of best friends. I probably last saw most of them on my eighteenth debutant party... If I calculate this correctly, over seven years ago. We unintentionally drifted apart; went to university, started working blah blah blah... how life generally goes on. Thankfully, it was time. A certain move I put on my 2011 list, which needed not to be ignored.

The girls, Lina, Alicia & I got together at a lovely, elegant cafe in Knightsbridge called "Cafe Concerto". There are a few chains around, one in Westfields I believe, but this was my first visit. Disguised by the crowds of West London,  it was a nice little place for us to do a whole lot of catching up. Doing that over lunch was just not enough time for us ladies, so we continued our stories over coffee at Harvey Nichols, Fifth Floor Cafe. It was such a pleasant day, we couldn't resist soaking a bit of heat from the sun by sitting outside on the terrace. It was such a pleasure seeing them; both looking fabulous and its always nice to know how well friends are doing right? No time wasted, we're already organising our next day out.

Cafe Concerto, Knightsbridge
Fifth Floor Cafe & Terrace @ Harvey Nics
My day was followed by a big birthday dinner for my close friend JR, at a new place that has just opened up in Beckton, East London. Just by Showcase Cinemas, for those who live in the 'ends' lol. Its called "Big Moe's Diner". Typical 50's American diner - great for burgers, hot dogs & chips, but even better for desserts & milkshakes. I was absolutely stuffed after my fish burger meal. Got to see my favourite faces, ate lots of cake, played charades (girls won, obviously)... its always a laugh!

Big Moe's Dinner, Beckton
Mother's Day fell on the Sunday. I've had this day planned for a while. Although Mum has just had her big party, I couldn't help but spoil her some more and also my Auntie from Philippines. We surprised them with a bunch of flowers; some very unusual ones. Cards and presents also (a lovely pamper day when they please).

Then took them out to a Thai restaurant in the evening; a hidden little gem by the docks: Nakhon Thai. Riverside views, authentic thai decor and the food was absolutely to die for. Succulent meats, seafood upon mild spices, coconut rice all beautifully presented. Cocktails for the girls, and beers for the guys to keep the moods light. The restaurant was also under the Tastecard offers too. It was a very delightful day; family time is always enjoyable.

Nakhon Thai, Royal Docks
"Your arms were always open when I needed a hug.
Your heart understood when I needed a friend.
Your gentle eyes were stern when I needed a lesson. 
Your strength and love has guided me and gave me wings to fly."
(A quote I dedicated to all the mothers out there especially to my own)
SENSEFUL CREATIONS // Mother's Day cards

My handmade cards for my Mum and Auntie. Floral embossed card decorated with floral embeliishments and ribbon to match.

My weekend was surrounded by friendly faces, even faces from the past, my loved ones and not to forget FOOD... a small taster of a great month ahead. Plus, it is half term in a week afterall (WOO!)

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