Sunday, 30 January 2011

Taught to Pass-on-tivity

Someone once told me that 'how you feel will affect what happens & what you do today will affect your tomorrow,' and on the basis of that, I attempt to take each and every day into the palms of my hands and inject any possible form of positive attitude that I have. Sometimes it helps, other days it doesn't but it has brought together so many more better and brighter days for me; that I often find myself smiling about my life than ever before. 

One day this week, I delve a little deeper into a sweet and ordinary conversation with a work colleague; sharing with her my insights and ideals for now and my near future. But as the tables turned round, I saw a fragile gaze, which to me seemed like withdrawal and I wondered for a minute that she too wanted to seek for something bigger and beautiful in her life. This friend, though I've only known for a short period of time, has admirable passion for art and design. Her work and her projects are so truly amazing; it would be unfortunate to let such a great talent go to waste. So, I couldn't help but push her pass her fears of independence and to take on that 'something' that I believe she most definitely will enjoy. Its a joy to positively influence someone but an even greater feeling to hear that because of that influence, one will go ahead to reach out for their goals. On top of that, she accompanied me to a belly dance class and we had a fantastic time.

Getting through any of my ventures would not have been attainable without the help and reinforcement of a dear friend, who's words of encouragement never ceased to fail me. In honour of that, I ask kindly, to please take a moment to check out his blog: James Retrato

But for now my precious ones... despite any judgments out there, the truth of the matter is, if there is commitment - there is always a way. Continue staying true to yourself & smileeeeeeeeee =)

Also, here's a link to my friend's webpage, sharing her great work & creativity. Check it out: Aasha John

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  1. AMAZING... TRULY AMAZING and INSPIRATIONAL! Now you feel exactly how i do when seeing people become empowered.. KEEP UP THE PASSONTIVITY! i am so honoured and eternally grateful for sharing my passion to better my life by helping others better their own... I am able to talk and share more insights and perspectives to positivity with whoever wants it.. WELL DONE..