Saturday, 22 January 2011

Shimmied out

I am absolutely shattered but its been totally worth it this week... the joy!

Hmm... Salsa. I was not on my own this week. My dad accompanied me =) It has made my dance experience a lot more fun and comfortable. However, my dad has always been a long-term ballroom dancer, so he totally stole my credit lol. Although I did not learn anything particularly new, running over the steps & turns has helped drill it into my system. Its running so well, I've even been given the opportunity to move to the next level at a good price in the next couple of weeks.

HIGHLIGHT of my week
Anita Makwana
Activity done on impulse... I attended my first belly dance class. Yeh, you saw right hehe. A good friend of mine held her first class this week. I am so pleased that I attended because I had a blast! Back to basics, she introduced a couple of moves; fundamental but challenging. Even just the warm up session tired me out. There was constant emphasis on posture and isolation of different body parts... oh, and bent knees too. The routine was plenty of fun and learning how to shoulder shimmy... well, lets say, 'practice makes perfect!'

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Held at two venues, Mondays 6.30-7.30 (launching from 31st January) at Southall Sports Centre and Thursdays 7.30-8.30 at Dance Attic Studios.

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"Once we believe in ourselves... we can risk curiousity, wonder, spontaneous delight or any experience that reveals our human spirit"

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