Saturday, 15 January 2011

Life in focus

It's two weeks into January and so far everything has been much brighter (London, please stop raining already lol). Being back at work and trying to settle back into routine after almost three weeks of holiday hasn't been that easy but hey, what can you do?

Despite work and the occasional urgency for pay day to arrive (February, if you're reading this, come sooner).... I feel everything is running smoothly so far.

Had another salsa class this week; it was awesome. I shared what I had learnt from my previous lesson to my dad and now he wants to come along. Went in this alone, so havin company is a bonus.

After careful consideration of monthly finances, me and the boyfriend have made the decision to spend our summer in Philippines. Its been six years almost since my last visit, so I am very excited to make this happen and to see all my family again.

Thats all for now. Life's great!  

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