Sunday, 27 February 2011

Prehistoric Marvel

It's half term at the moment (ahhh a week off from work; general recovery much awaited indeed). I didn't have very much planned for the week but I did intend to have one big adventure out somewhere. One place I have been longing to see is:

So, Thursday morning, we woke up super early, packed us some snacks, or let me rephrase that, 'junk', topped the car up full tank and set off on road "Road trip!" It wasn't the most pleasant of drives in the beginning; somewhat managed to get caught in traffic and to annoy us more, our Sat Nav decided to die on us. But we chose to ignore these inconveniences and made anything and everything fun =P Hours of driving and even longer on the never ending A303 in sight of trees and fields, ha and sheep too. But in the midst of all that, there is was before our eyes, Stonehenge.

I know this long-standing attraction just seems like a bunch of rocks plotted in the middle of nowhere but for a very long time now, I've always been curious of its existence. So that day, I got to experience that. Despite the restrictions, it was close enough for me; examining it from all sides and angles. The abundance of its time and chronology was so detailed for me to take in but having it within your vision, somehow empowers you with its history; opening the mysteries of ingenuity revolving around this very one monument.

Although we were there for a short time only, we had a great (educational) time there. If you are fond of history and anything touristic - it is definitely an impressive construction to visit in Britain... a 'living part of the landscape of Wiltshire' i say.

Part II of my adventure, soon to come. Stay tuned x

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