Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Ceejay does Race for Life

Sometime last year, I sat down with my 2011 list, just a piece of paper covered with goals and random inspirational quotes. Some straightforward, others were somewhat new. But a particular one, I stared at and contemplated over for a pretty long time. "Race for Life" it said... my mind tossed with conflictions, 'Oh, I've done it already!' 'Why not a different charity?' 'Ugh! What if it rains?' Non-stop. However, it took only one thought to change a big decision. Once I began reminiscing of the time I did this fund-raising event last year, all my questions flushed away. My previous experience of doing Race for Life was extremely fulfilling - a true highlight of my year indeed. I got such wonderful support from my friends and family plus I knew every pound I raised was going towards a fantastic cause. I needed not hesitated and signed up once again.

So, please help and sponsor me for this coming Saturday as I will be running 5k at Regent's Park. Your donations made towards Cancer Research UK and aligned charities, will aid their work in preventing, diagnosing and treating people with cancer.

Thank you x

Just a click of a button =)

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