Sunday, 13 February 2011

Totally worth it!

My Auntie from the Philippines arrived early this week (its been many many years since I've seen her). Arranged meetings and endless paper work finally got her here in London town safe and sound. Laughter as her first words on meeting her were "Its cold!"
So, for my Papa's birthday gift, my Mum and & I purchased some tickets to Cirque du Soleil - Totem which, for weeks I have been looking forward to seeing. Big fan! But on receiving news of my Auntie's arrival; a predicament arose. One that recited itself over and over again in my head. Mediating which action was best to take and that would make me feel better in the end: an act of kindness (letting my Auntie have my place) or an act of selfishness (bitter move but for something one has been longing to experience & enjoy)? Examining their outcomes, yet still utterly confused. After a couple of days, I was enlightened by a different track of thought... like the words from the classic utilitarians, Bentham & Mill: what action would provide "the greatest happiness for the greatest number." Answers were much more obvious to me with this in mind and that was settled! 

So on Friday, my parents and my Auntie enjoyed their evening at the Royal Albert Hall watching the fabulous production by Cirque du Soleil and had a great time. On hearing that, made me too... a happy girl; making my decision worth while.

I made up for it anyway - spent the night in with my other half. Cooked a nice meal, then snuggled up and watched a movie. Quality time is always appreciated =)

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