Saturday, 23 April 2011

Blossomin' fever =)

So, I've only just returned from my Easter break holiday in Italy and the strangest thing is... I'm not suffering from any holiday blues like I usually do. No complaints, its just really unusual because we had such a blast out there and I knew from my first day I was going to miss it (I promise to blog about our trip in due course -  its obviously a long one, so please bare with me). My only reasoning for this weird absence of sadness is that London has been blessed with such great weather recently. Waking up in the mornings to the sun beaming through my bedroom window leaves my mind only with happy thoughts of how to enjoy these pleasant days; days which London has been very much deprived of. As I sit here typing this blog on another beautiful day, must I say; absolutely broke of my ass (...oops) but I am content to just here in my back garden - my stunners on, shameless to have my legs out & chilling out soaking up some Vitamin D, nicely done! I think a bubble tea would be more than perfect right now but can't have everything.

J'adore le printemps...

"It's natures way of saying LET'S PARTY"

Just a few shots from my garden


  1. Vitamin D rocks! And with all this sunny weather, all of a sudden our garden looks like a park, with all the flowers and trees blossoming. There's no place I'd rather be, at the moment...

  2. I know right? But I reckon London is just having a happy phase. An hour after I posted this entry, thunder & lightning soon followed. How inevitable of UK! Hope you're well and had a lovely Easter Bibi x