Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Easter Joy

Yes Easter is gone and I'm sure many off you are back to work. I'll be joining that crowd tomorrow and for one, I am nowhere near ready too. Two and half weeks holiday has really pulled me out of the swing of things. On the brighter note... its two days of work and then a long weekend off for the 'Royal Wedding'. Cheers W&C!

Asides from that, I hope you all had a lovely Easter, a joyful one in fact. Stuffed yourselves with chocolate eggs and enjoyed the good weather (in most places anyway). Got a call from Colorado Springs, to tell us they were having 'White Easter!' Anyways, I had plenty of fun this Sunday. Sean & I went to Church; the hymns chosen really perked up our moods. We also renewed our baptismal vows to start a fresh. Then straight after, we made our way to my best friend's house to celebrate her birthday. Since it was such a great day, it was more than perfect to hold a BBQ (my first one of the year). Here I can finally say, is where Sean & I so happily broke our fast for chicken. I'm afraid, another time Nandos.

Our plate for of chicken lol
Their daughter; my precious, Alaya
The birthday girl and her other half
We sat there nibbling away, totally absent minded; savouring its taste we so evidently missed. I continued to enjoy the rest of the day in the company of some friends, the BFF and her family including my little precious wonderful and an endless table of food and desserts. It was divine and I so couldn't think of a better way to spend the day. The night didn't end so young as we went to watch the new 'Fast Five' movie which totally topped off my hype for the day. It is an absolutely fantastic film by far - action, suspense, love... the works! And there you go, that was one's fun Easter =)

SENSEFUL CREATIONS // Flutterby Birthday Card

The card I made for her: Brown textured card scattered with gold stars and pink flowers to compliment followed with a cut-out butterfly for a final decoration. Together with a Thomas Sabo charm bracelet.


  1. I love the card you made, it's sooo sweet of you! Im trying to get in the card making too! Where did you buy your cards?

  2. Hey Kirsty! My cards are from anywhere and everywhere... when I see batches for good prices, I buy them! I have still so much to purchase to improve my card making hobby; a matter of time I suppose. Thanks so much for stopping by x

  3. Love the card hun... wish i could be more creativity in the card making sense lol! And mmmmmmmm BBQ.. love me and bit of bbq! hehe x