Friday, 22 April 2011

Tranquil refreshment

[11th April 2011] This day was spent in Kensington Close Hotel at the eMotion Spa & Leisure Centre. For Valentine's, I purchased a Spa Day experience for the other half. This was Sean's first time and even better, I thought it was a great idea to kick start out Easter break holiday. He's been working so hard in his teaching course... he most certainly deserved this.

We used the gym facilities and worked out together for the first time heehee. Thank goodness he was familiar with most of the equipment there, making it so much easier and fun =) We swam some lengths in the 18 metre swimming pool then hit the jacuzzi to relax. Feeling much more refreshed, we then both prepared ourselves for our treatments. A full body massage to last the hour; untangling the knots piled on from the school term's work. It was exactly what we both needed! De-stressing & deep tissue... absolute bliss.

To wrap it up, we got a late lunch at STRADA restaurant, which merely prepared us for our adventure to Italy. It was a nice, rejuvenating day spent with none other than my love.

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