Friday, 22 April 2011

A Sugar Sweet Saturday!

What a beautiful day it is today. Decided to take the laptop out into the garden and seek some form of motivation from the spring time atmosphere. It has been a little while since I last put an entry through. I do need to do some serious updating, as quite a lot of exciting stuff has happened this half term and would love to share with you. It'll be a bit back dated but gives you something to read, hey? Enjoy otherwise x
[9th April 2011] I had a lovely lunch date with a couple of my girls. It had been a long while since we've been out altogether, so it made sense to arrange something small & sweet. We met up and made our way to Westfield, London. It was such a nice day too; the weather had just started to pick up at that time so we thought it would be a great idea to find a open-kinda restaurant to enjoy the scene. 'Kitchen Italia' was our best bet which was another first for me. We all chose different types of dishes particular to our taste buds and virgin cocktails to complete the meal. I had myself a pasta dish with salmon - simply because I quite fancied the ribbon shaped pasta lol. There's always room for dessert, everyone knows that! So, we extended our time and got ourselves a 'SNOG' frozen yogurt. It was very tasty and perfect for the type of weather; although personally it doesn't quite beat 'Pinkberry' from the States. As girls do best, we filled in the missing pieces, gossiped & had a laugh. It was really nice and it is always such a pleasure when seeing these beautiful ladybirds of mine. Love yous plenty <3

Quick kodak moment at Kitchen Italia (L-R: Sam, Lorz, Myself, Jen & Rach)

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