Monday, 16 May 2011

Breakfast with the Big Cats

What a fab way to start off the weekend - Friends & family, all gathered under one roof. Kitchen swamped with every filipino dish you savour for and side tables stocked with sweet-tasting desserts. It was a dream-like sight; a feast for all. Sadly enough, the boyfriend and I couldn't fully enjoy this glorious delight as we had reservations at the 'Mariott Cheshunt' later that evening [Of course, we still had a plate or two - it couldn't be resisted!]

On arrival at the hotel, we checked ourselves into a deluxe suite for the night then popped down for a nice evening meal at their restaurant. We were catered with: a pan fried fillet salmon served together with saute potatoes, chorizo and cherry tomatoes (for myself) & pan fried chicken with gravy, garlic mushrooms and fries for Sean. They were very refined meals which we truly enjoyed and even had the pleasure of meeting the Chef himself. We finished up with refreshing desserts of; a lemon tart and selection of icecreams. Spent the rest of the evening full up and restrained in bed, watching Eurovision. Well done, Azerbaijan! Good try UK! Hehe.

The following morning, our adventure began. Destination: the Paradise Wildlife Park. Its an animal conservation and education led zoo providing great experiences for all. After settling in with some tea and biscuits, we were brought up to a 'Tree Top Restaurant' where we were kindly served with some breakfast. The coolest thing of all was we were surrounded with stunning views of the tiger enclosure; one bathing on a pod by our window. It surely was a captivating way to start the morning with.

We toured the park, visiting a variety of big cats like snow leopards, cheetahs, lions and other weird ones. Got a chance to watch a health check demonstration of the tigers which I found really intimidating; didn't realise they were so huge in size. There were other animals around to keep us entertained. The red panda however, was and still is my favourite. Out of kindness and probably to shut me up, my boyfriend bought me a stuffed toy version (t'awh) that I've named Mao Mao =) It was an enjoyable experience and its always fun when you learn new things; it makes a day worth it.

My Red Panda <3
To round of our day, we ate at Nandos, which strangely enough, we haven't had a meal from since the beginning of Lent. Erm... i know! So, that was pretty much munched within minutes.

Well, I hope you all had a lovely weekend as well. I don't often say this... but thank you for taking the time to read my blog. And a huge thank you to those following. Keep smiling & enjoy the rest of your week =) Toodles x

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