Friday, 13 May 2011

My Midweek Remedy

I didn't think that going back to a full five-day week would be such a struggle, especially after having the half term holidays and the long royal wedding weekend (Gosh, I got to quit complaining sometimes). Anyways, as dramatic as that gets... I needed a midweek fix. So, Wednesday evening, I met up with my Uni friends to celebrate yet another big 2-5! The girls and I went to have dinner at "The Cuban" in Camden.

Once one is finished wasting some time at the stalls and looking at artifacts along the way, you stumble upon this great restaurant/bar embedded in the Stables Market. As busy as Camden usually gets, the restaurant was surprisingly empty. We got the second floor opened to us where it was relaxed, very casual but with a Cuban twist. Entertained with some salsa music hitting in the background; its a great chill out place. Even better, the place was serving 2-4-1 cocktails; exactly what every girl likes to hear. We ordered a whole load of tapas dishes; all were very appetizing indeed. Stuffed by the end of it. I had plenty of fun as I'm always up for a catch-up =D
The Birthday Girl
Tapas board for the meat eaters
Our usual birthday cuppies


  Lilac card fold, bordered with purple print paper. "D" to highlight the birthday girl's initial. Scattered with dragonflies as a final touch.
Happy Birthday Dipika!


  1. The food looks fab and yet another great card design :) x

  2. Oh tapas <3 and cocktails <3
    (lots of <3 haha) I love birthday parties. Actually, I love other people's birthday parties more than I love mine. Because of the look on their faces when they unpack your present :)

  3. Me too! Their looks are just priceless aren't they? =) Well, thank you for the comment Bibi, hope all is well x