Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Race for Life 2011

After two months worth of training, the day finally arrived: 21st May 2011. Doing 'Race for Life' for the second time. First experience was a thrill, this year round... I had the urge to run without stopping (pah... like the 5k wasn't hard enough lol). Unfortunately, the day before, I started coming down with flu-like symptoms which was a little upsetting. Nevertheless, I pulled myself together for this event; on a natural high from all the motivational messages from everyone - I was more than ready!

Blessed with a beautiful day, Regent's Park was heaving with participants, supporters and PINK (lots of it!) Like before, it was an amazing atmosphere; knowing that all the girls and women were there routing for the same reason, the same cause - to help beat cancer.

I did the run on my own this year and managed to complete it in 33 minutes. I was disturbed by an earlier headache so to my disappointment, I had to stop twice. I fought through till the finish line (the relief, I tell ya) but had the greatest time. Straight into the arms of my boyfriend who supported me the whole way through. I also wouldn't have been so successful without the support from my friends & family - you're always so amazing. For those who donated - you're wonderful and thank you. I've managed to raise my target AND beyond which is fantastic news and makes every muscle pain I'm paying for right now, absolutely worth it.

Whilst I recuperated, we celebrated and had a nice little picnic in the park, watching the others fall through to the finish line. Then, later that evening, I was treated with a lovely candle lit dinner by my love: rocket & salmon starter followed by a parma ham omelette with rice & seasoning. Delicious!

--RACE FOR LIFE 2011--
in memory of Estrella Daludado & Nilo Gasmin
May your souls continue to rest in peace. You're forever missed.  

 "Together we will beat cancer"


  1. Congrats on racing the race! (I can't believe I didn't say that any sooner! *bad me*) Great initiative, and I admire you for running all those miles, helping a good cause. :)

  2. Congratu-Well Done dude!

  3. What a beautiful post.
    Well done on completing the run in such a fab & fast time!

    - Tallulah