Saturday, 7 May 2011

Merry Merry Month of May =D

I cannot believe it is May already! I have only just got used writing April in the kid's school books and now its a totally different month (yes, I know its only three letters... but still!) Anyways, to welcome this beautiful month... I got to celebrate two of my top girls' birthdays. Yay!

Before the partying began, Sean & I thought wise to top our tummies up with some gooooood Japanese cuisine. I was extremely craving for a bento box. Camden at the time was heaving with people because of the 'Camden Crawl' but little me managed to dodge and delve through and found a small place to eat. "Bento Cafe" (Click for website) was a surprise... amidst the hustle and bustle, this restaurant is a gem. Our dishes were delicious; many bits were very new to me. Inexpensive and very enjoyable. The staff were ever so friendly too.

Then... I stuck my dancing shoes on, off to Yate's and partied the night away with my chicka, Rachelle. Very good night; one I don't particularly remember but stories the following morning are always fun. And the photos, well... thats just evidence lol.

The other birthday girl, Sarah Jane was soaking up sun in Palma at the time but on her return, we went out for din dins at La Tasca. Went a bit wild with our choices from the menu =) Mmmmm tapas. Totally stuffed our faces but made room for dessert (DUH!) and some hot chocolate too. It was a pleasant evening indeed.

SENSEFUL CREATIONS // Hello, Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty cut out, handmade especially for Rachelle x


My handmade hummingbird special for Sarah Jane x

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  1. Beautiful cards hun! I love them.. especially hummingbird one! It is so elegant :). I've always wanted to go to that Bento restaurant.. the menu looks great from what I can remember! :) - and YAY to MAY!! hehe x