Saturday, 1 December 2012

Day #1

DECEMBER DECEMBER DECEMBER... Don't know about you but this year has definitely flown by so quickly. But the month has arrived and the first day is revealed.

On opening our first red envelope, we were so very happy to see what it was -- 
"Senseful Creations has had a good year, make and donate a hamper to a charity"
What a fantastic way to begin the month with! Senseful Creations has been up and running since the beginning of 2012 and its been an amazing experience so far. We've built up on a range of creations and its been such a pleasure being able to meet and share all our work with so many wonderful people out there. We truly appreciate all the support and feedback we've had and its something we reel on to continue doing what we do.

For that reason, we wanted to use our ideas and provide our services towards a good cause. A dear friend of ours is currently organising a charity ball for Cancer Research UK to be held this month and we saw this as a brilliant opportunity to help by donating towards this. Cancer Research has always been something we both feel very strongly about; for many years we have strived to do what we can to support this charity.

So, we spent some time and created a hamper filled with plenty of Christmas goodies and can only hope and pray it will be an aid in raising money. Fingers crossed!

That's that. Till tomorrow, again. Thanks for dropping by x


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