Saturday, 8 December 2012

Day #8

"Make a candlelit dinner for your family"
Such a pleasant way to begin the weekend =) We all know, we can always choose our friends but you cannot choose your family... So, today we made it all about F A M I L Y !

On this lovely, breezy Saturday morning, Sean, Mum, Dad & I headed to Taste of Christmas for some festive enjoyment. We listened to the amazing carol singers, we nibbled at lots of free samples, sipped on many beverages and fully relished our classic duck burgers from Comptoir Gascon. Delicious!
To end such a fun filled day, Sean and myself achieved our task of the day by cooking up a meal. With much success, we prepared some salmon blinis for starters and then Pad Thai for mains over a candlelit table. It was such an awesome day!
It is so important to spend your life showing those you love that they will always matter. Little gestures make the biggest impact.

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