Sunday, 23 December 2012

Day #22

Working with young people is a big part of both our lives, our duties to teach and make an impact. So, today's task meant a great deal to us.

 "Act of giving. Donate to a chosen children's charity."

Being a part of a well-known Children's Hospital has encouraged me to perceive and live each day to its fullest. There are young people and children out there who are very ill, some dealing with life-threatening conditions. Helping these vulnerable individuals make the most of each day; seeing them smile and laugh is the biggest reward. So, I took this opportunity to make a donation to "Make A Wish Foundation." This wonderful charity goes out with purpose and one purpose only - to grant the wishes of those children; giving them a precious moment that they will remember forever.

Guiding and mentoring children in a school are just some of the things teachers have to think about. Being a great teacher that Sean is, he always does what he can to bring the best out of the pupils he works with. But today, he wanted to help outside the classroom, support children out there that are at risk. After all, they ARE the future! So, he donated towards "NSPCC" to help children who may not even have a magical Christmas this year.

Today we wanted to help make a difference and today we did!

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