Thursday, 6 December 2012

Day #6

Oh yay! The advent calendar has been pretty 'chocolateLESS' than the traditional ones we usually have. We were so relieved to open today's envelope to find this one. Big kid SMILE!

We were each given a Twix chocolate to enjoy but instead of savouring it all to ourselves, we were to share the other piece with whoever we wish.

The concept of today was 'sharing', not necessarily a chocolate bar, as we did but the thoughts behind it; the fulfillment of your intentions without expecting reciprocation. Sharing with someone a moment of joy, your hope and aspirations, fears and frustration or even just your smile; infuses them with the trust of your words or actions... and that's promising.

"Three things to more abundant living - caring about others, daring for others and sharing with others."

The fact that we are able to share this post with you today, we therefore express our fullest appreciation for taking the time to read it.

Happy Thursday x  

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