Monday, 3 December 2012

Day #3

"Prepare for 2013, what's your New Year's Resolution?!"
Ooh! Ended up getting this one a bit early in the month than we hoped but I guess its better to be prepared now than never.

New Year's resolutions... they're a brilliant way to begin a new year for sure. I suppose we often have the usual ones like "GO TO THE GYM"; those 'fresh start' concepts, right?! But it really hits and gives us prime reality checks and a boost of motivation which is great. I'll personally have a few here and there; some I may keep at, others will fade out of existence BUT in order of today's advent calendar task, I plan to prioritise the new year with L O V E! As cheeeeeeeeesy as it is, love is a drive that pulls us through. Its guides us through the happiest times and even through the toughest. The unconditional love we receive from our loved ones and our friends is so limitless. The love one may have for something they enjoy doing is so passionate - its inspiring to others. In knowing that love freely exists, it comforts you and that's why it is so fundamental in our life.

So, in order to feel more grounded, I wish to surround my thoughts and my actions in compassion and empathy and to share and express my appreciation I have for those who matter. Don't worry, I won't be completely high on love hahaha. Mustn't forget to enjoy life... LIVE, LAUGH and EAT PLENTY will do as my motto for the year.

A personalised calendar from our dearest friends to use in the New Year and a sweet reminder of what our year is all about.

Have a good week x

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