Sunday, 2 December 2012

Day #2

After yesterday's great starter activity to the month, we just cannot wait to see what's in store for the rest of the days. Well, day numero dos...
"Why not have yourselves a bit of FUN!"
Absolutely adore that three letter word F U N, that is what life is all about!  

So, today we completed the remainder of our Christmas shopping - hooray! Well, it was just the one little gift left to search for but we found it and it definitely is a relief. The great part is the wrapping (who else would agree?!) Going to use the next couple of days doing that whilst watching classic Christmas movies.

Apart from that, we prepared ourselves for our FUN evening out together. Wrapped up in our winter gear; got super warm with our snoods and gloves and made our way to Somerset House. To us, this place has been one of those things where we kept saying "Oh, I want to go there!" Time after time after time. 2nd December 2012 ended up being the day to achieve that. Buckled up with the 'not so common' skate boots, they have obviously been doing well to upgrade the usual plastic blue ones you'd get everywhere lol. Though the time was short, the atmosphere was fantastic. The huge Christmas tree and serene lighting accompanied with the jolly music to help your skate on. We had such a great time! And no falls either hehehe.

Very glad the weather kept clear for us. We ended the evening with a trip to good old Nandos for our usual meals. Yum yum yum!
Thanks for reading! Toodles x

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