Saturday, 15 December 2012

Day #15

Christmas lights are like the first sign of the festive season. You start seeing stands of fairy lights everywhere... you know Christmas is just round the corner. It really is a lovely reminder! Once accompanied with other decorations -- you're given the full picture then Ready, Get Set, Go! Non-stop celebrations.

So, today's task was to:
"Go visit Christmas lights of your choice"
There are sooooo many to choose from, especially in London; they are scattered everywhere. Some, we have already passed briefly on our travels into town. But for today, we decided to visit the good ol' Covent Garden Christmas lights... ONLY because my Christmas is never complete without seeing Rudolph! =) My other half couldn't say no hehehe.

The lights and decorations at Covent Garden were absolutely stunning. It was really nice to just stand and pause for a moment to take it all in. Its so amazing that festive elements like this can make such a transformation to the area and bring out all the excitement in you!

Speaking of excitement, prior to our Covent Garden lights tour, we got to enjoy ourselves with a few of our dearest friends at Winter Wonderland. Despite the crowds, we had a BRILLIANT time. We ate warm churros and chocolate (...mouthwatering), we drank mulled wine, and screamed on some rides. It was plenty of fun indeed.
And.... just in case our sister reads this, we did end our evening with her at Fire & Stone. Family time is always precious <3

Fun packed day for sure. I'm shattered.   

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