Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Day #4

"To remind someone that you love them"
This coincidentally lifts off from yesterday's task as though it was meant to be a taster lesson of what to expect next year!

Saying "I LOVE YOU" is easier said than done. I mean, I personally never shy away from letting those close to me know that I do but I feel that maybe we don't say it enough. Doing that initial gesture in whatever way possible and reminding someone that you do has an impact on them. Those three little words can really make a difference.

On reading today's task, we both already knew who our 'someone' was (not each other, silly!) We both have someone dear to us; don't often talk  but we know they're always there... close to our hearts. So, we shared those special words with that person with the hope of making them smile.

Thanks for dropping by x

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