Sunday, 16 December 2012

Day #16

"Light a candle with intention"
Wonderfully falling on this beautiful Sunday day, I went to church to light some candles. With those candles, I knelt in deep thought and prayed with intention. I prayed for my family, for my loved ones near and far. I prayed for direction; for the good Lord to guide me through each and every day. Most importantly, I prayed for those who grieve, like the people who have been affected by the shooting in Connecticut this week; the world is saddened by this tragedy.

For all who have lost someone close to their hearts, Christmas won't be the same without their presence but may you and your family's dear hearts heal and find comfort during this time.

God Bless. Happy Sunday x
I dedicate my post to my everdearest Uncle... though our hearts still ache from your absence, we all know you're in a safer place now. We LOVE you and may you REST IN PEACE.
Efren "BOY" Villa
Nov. 22 1960 - Aug. 1 2012


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