Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Day #18

"Hugs are important. Share some!" (Not strangers, please)

So the statement of the day is HUGS are important! And so they are.

This wonderful gesture has the potential to do so much. If I had a choice, hugs are definitely my favourite. When we receive a honest hug from friends, family or loved one, we instantly feel good; if we respect that person's hugs or they respect you... a mutual embrace is given in return.

In times of need, a hug has the therapeutic power to relieve some of that pain. It can also offer a sense of belonging, security and warmth. So simple yet so prodigious in its nature.

So, when you can... share a hug with those you care about. Help generate some positivity into their day  and lift their spirits up!

... the amazing thing is, hugs are FREE!!!

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